fictionalized dramatizations of never ending plot
and frank sexual content demonstrating the region’s population
applied in developing a successful modern economic system
littered around the pyramidal structures
the earliest known temples and houses of dressed stone
to sustain a free market economy
excelled in hydraulic engineering and fortress building
skinned alive and mutilated the evidence of
an ancient sophisticated civilization that once
overwhelmingly desired and thrived
to receive sensational reviews
the very profitable revenue generators, major figures
expressing their appreciation and who eat these
animals are not concerned with their slaughter
and find themselves swept up in the stories anyway
their respective ports flourished,
had a lucrative foreign commerce with ships
starting to hit the assassinated shores
of simultaneous media images and texts circulation on a global level
and spread as their favourite ring tone
among the rising middle-class popular culture
communicative power of capitalist logic declining
rather than strengthening the cylindrical minarets of civil society
a huge surprise regardless of race or religion or abundance
the promotional trip to intensive aerial bombardments hooks the majority
of highlighted meat, wheat, rice, pride, sleep and teenagers
prohibited from gathering collapsed and diminished
while the black markets extremely existed
in the centre of the city as banks of the booming economy
the most recent attempt
to restore progressive defeat or irreversible stabbing sensation
leaves behind under-equipped customary in ocular trauma.

Thoe Htane [aNTIMa]

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