malignant neoplasm

a group of cells affiliated
in the context of a biological similarity
by consanguinity, affinity or co-residence
for the formation of an economically productive system
hyperactive growth and divisions beyond the normal limits
ethnography, history, law and social statistics
come into conflict, extinction
early appearance in evolutionary history of
predation, malnutrition, disease,
or accidents resulting in terminal physical injury
a state following the state of life
genetic abnormalities may randomly occur through errors
and one must understand the idea of blood metaphorically
either orientation or procreation
due to the loss of respect for normal tissue boundaries
complex interactions between
religious traditions and philosophical enquiry
to become established in diverse tissue environments
carcinogens and the host’s genome
combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy
there is no golden age of the specific molecular markers
gleaming at the consciousness in the far back historical past
a suppression of instincts or a repression of desire
undesirable survival of the fittest
the clonal evolution
ceasing respiration,
no more metabolism,
no pulse,
pallor mortis, livor mortis, algor mortis, rigor mortis,
permanent and irreversible loss


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