by far the farthest cry

now you can pull off the empire waist with grace
letting out the jigglies
don’t hesitate to jump on
it’s a body shape merchandise fit tightly in the thighs
spend hours just browsing many women
i love to shop who loves fashion
feeling generous? i don’t hate you!
that is both easy and difficult to dress
big fat surprise gave me wattle wankies
make everyone look a little bit like an ice cream cone
i got the goods in the stomach area
so do yourself a favor
that’s a size smaller than my butt
we can always say we gave ‘em a shot
don’t account for women with curves
it took years to realize finding one must be the bane of every woman
think your mom might even have a pair
under a turkey’s beak
my pants have a handful of material that just hangs down
and i know exactly what you mean about being an apple shape
dont let yourself be in the arena of deflating self-confidence
you should have a bigger butt to even out my size
i don’t think there’s any harm in trying its business on the bottom
i promise i wouldn’t obsess over it
the difference between your legs and mine
i find it amusing when the pants are desperately clinging
to the leg all the way up to a tiny angle
but i’ve proceeded with caution
unsure whether skirts look fantastic
with pants, huge problems arise
quite strange,
it has even been known to decrease sperm count
however a nice enough bum always get wet and wick water my dear


2 Responses to “by far the farthest cry”

  1. July 22, 2010 at 11:39 PM

    keep writing bro! i like to advice you to shift into literature-field rather than doing postmodern shits…you can play languagues very well and use that skill for a serious level…i know it sounds shit…you always like to be an under-ground-artist, right? Get out of it!…KEEP WRITING!

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