Mondays are always blue

The importance of being able to win one-on-one tackles with Mondays and that means it’s time for a quick whizz around the corner of the funny family. We’ve already treated the bigger brother, the SLT-A55, to an in-depth review. Now we’ve had a chance to get out and test with the slightly lower-spec 337 as well. The latest version of this will automatically fix your financial, social and family problems. I like futile campaigns like trying to stop prostitution since other four letter words that begin with F U, when we overuse a word we risk degrading its meaning. The land of the Liver Birds is doing a bit of a reconnaissance for True Blue. It has teamed up with new rag *Rubbish* to celebrate all things blue. If you want to participate and share your blue inspiration, just send it to us via email. Every week we’ll assemble a perfect blue, and we’d like you to help us. You can toggle the fullscreen mode through the ‘f’ key. The City Created, Built, Broken and Rebuilt in a variety of media to engage constructed environments. Blue Silhouette is inspired by the Digital Fabrication Conference characterized by its strong personality. Objects with a Void is a design exhibition about voids in objects. For architects, designers, and health specialists to submit their ideas to the building of Healthy Blue for a new global consumer-facing industries. The first installment in a series of planned biennial symposia that aims to explore the productive intersections and overlaps between art, architecture, and design. Scenic interiors and spatial experiences offers new solutions for how to be blue and healthy. Blue illustration is one of today’s fastest growing creative disciplines. Blue This Way is an in-depth study on Blue design. Companies invest fortunes on innovation and product strategy. But by some estimates, 80 percent of new products fail or underperform as they are not blue enough to grab the bigger piece of the shrinking pie. Sustainable Blue resources Re-nourish has joined the Environmental Network, a diverse coalition of leading environmental groups, in an effort to move the businesses toward environmental and social sustainability. Blind is known for making the impossible seem possible with their top-notch production and post work, but they may have pulled their best trick yet. Life in airports and other transportation facilities is changing too. It took Michelangelo a day to paint the Creation scene on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. A first-of-its-kind book, equally representing the voices of architects and their clients, The Power of Blue presents dozens of the best Blue design projects produced by many of the leading architects working today. The Royal Institute of WMD announced that SadDamned Who’sSaint is to receive the 2010 High Jinks Award: Visions Blue.


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