standing ovation to my nothing

simplified interaction on remote control devices
capacitive in the gravitational spot
fab bead pretty in pink
i kept waiting for something involving its rightful place
atop the list of trending revolution
never let a moment in the spotlight pass
as one of the game’s most passionate moments
an act painted in an unfavorable
cooperation with those who rocked and flopped
there’ll be empty seat(s) at this uncensored and uncut election
oh my i m sorry its erection my bad
i’ve never stepped foot in a freestyle
touchPad, wingedPad, stinkyPad
it’s crazy to think i stumbled upon not using Stumbleupon
although i wanted to make it out that way
i’m loaded so say it like it really is by the time you’re reading this
or the runs from their water
a good tip for those who don’t blow dry
nothing will be quite like chocolate milk
don’t even blame the fact i’m closer to you than ever, but i’ve grown tired already
that’s what i’ve been waiting for Mary Jane
it’s game time for tickets
another week, another episode in the diary of this, ridiculously biased, vibe
gaining plenty of side-eyes with each avant-garde poetry trend
this is part of our daily series showing the most inspiring infinite perfect spaces
provocative and visually stimulating
a singular drive an ultrasonic-type to push the buttons
customizable super good and super fast blow
ever-industrious between rocking thighs
a one night wonder ruby red lips
to a divine and antique
a marriage made in heaven probably
signed, sealed and delivered sartorially


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