3 am in the morning

perfectly in her period piece backstory
the end of characters
usual box of Christmases
her reciprocating with salts or whatever
the lines don’t diagnose or explain
but they do put into context of his restless
insecurity, swaggering contempt
disconnect between the elite and the public thighs
only one fuckup away from the struggling masses
bemused by widespread wonders
to the minutiae of everyday life embracing randomness
contradiction amongst theoretical angles
by and large associated with experimental
and by extension: language – forward
and get as far away as possible from meaning
on any texts we encounter infinite rows of images
the illuminations never as bright as seasides are scattered
you’re more likely to come across donkeys and distorting mirrors
the cultural shifts of the diversionary attitudes
in the absence of vocabulary
everyone is part of all those patterns
traveling to an unfamiliar future and steal everything
piss-takingly playfulness of greys, blues and green
detested her dull suburban childhood
whose words became berries
who expect to offer a blowjob for a line of coke
period is an easy target for satire


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