you are what you dream

cordially invited to mock the divergent semantic industry
based on a series of recurring dreams
the mysterious poetry project
implicated for life and cognitive possibility
the small pink flowers referred to as lapses of meaning // meanings of lapse
molding personalities, moods, and even decisions
open in the morning and close in the evening
described as a curious and isolated effect
a cyclic routing system for the next generation
it won’t lift a finger to help the poetry’s Cinderella businesses
industrialism comes at a price to the post-structuralistic environment
for trading of incandescent metaphorical bulbs is unethical
searches for extraterrestrial intelligence have thus far come up empty-handed
secured through the power of biometric identification
self-offending is a high tech business dating back to the Apollo moon landings
researchers have been looking for it in space ever since
representational meditations identified with the meaning of jailbroken words
while this isn’t a widely used feature, we wanted to let you know in advance
so you can set up a suitable alternative
failure to effect the transformation has led to some confusing results and interpretations
the rising part of the contingency curves represents a whole new poetic generation
individual differences in susceptibility to biochemical fatigue
attentional factors connected with an individual’s capacity to focus
absentmindedness between cognitive functioning and general personality
may force all of us to re-examine this relationship with perhaps a more positive outcome


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