detention with a glass

all the freethought you can get
and the fact that professions of aesthetics invariably met with incredulity
why the world looks different in others?
this is why solidarity is needed to go back in the closet
logical inconsistencies to promote reason and logic focused on the widespread belief
does it shape how you think?
send encouragement to secularists to stop sucking up to the rest of her body
the good news is people are joining the rising movement in increasing accommodationism
it is indeed what it is time for but usually at a snail’s pace
awakened to the basic part to play the knowledge of atoms that is now not taken for granted
all these emotions during the day ranted and ranged and went walkabout
in the guise of midnight birds into falling from the sky and onto the ground
and ate all the cereal listened to the news on the radio
nice weather we’ve been having
we are not going to hurt you
please try to relax your character and behavior
whose body still smoked and smouldered from the night before
no marked differences in reactions, expectations, and requirements of primitive urge
mistreatment of standards in the custody or under the physical control of enthusiastics
possible to find in electronic form, available there, free for the browsing
splash around to your heart’s content
it is just too easy to proclaim a mysterious God
as well as pointing out what’s wrong with him
there are always two choices in life
believe it or not!


2 Responses to “detention with a glass”

  1. November 1, 2010 at 8:44 AM

    imma keep this one for me and myself.

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