a moment of living

money isn’t money sunday afternoons
regardless of our common mistakes
something first time has an existence of its own
a trifle that should have as much meaning as we are willing
full knowledge of what it is like to have or have not hardship
it duly abandoned the comfort of recovering from the same life
always driven by the same idea
talk to our own eyes, soak up the atmosphere by becoming nowadays
uncertain outcome of uncertain income
never received tight cheque we-will-always-stick-together stories
a recurring motif in practical aspects patently sleeping
not care to dream goods and services
all the usual elements between children and parents
frequently an outlet for alternate disappointment, trust and affinity
unable to come to terms with the truth that you can never own anyone
there is always more to it than you think
be spoiled or patronised
here, as elsewhere, we are not entitled to a free ride
and the currency will have to be set by yourself


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