recycled intellectual

sometimes is able to produce urges
it would have been poorer without necessary ingredients
for some it may be insight, for others style
a few lucky bastards get away with talent
according to objectivity written over years
this is to be expected from the academic quirks
the subject of much debate in whatever name one chooses for
that’s what I call a rose and you a rock
from writer’s block to ominous sub-consciousness
eventual texts would (n)ever come to success
in this subtle self-praise enterprise
on the other hand of GOD
monuments keep appearing between the lines
manic and bearded like a terrier
emotional and comic but the question remains
Why all this pyrotechnics???


1 Response to “recycled intellectual”

  1. November 19, 2010 at 7:54 AM

    When God can’t see the truth, we can record as a poem. The characteristic of poems is never lie us.
    I got that feeling.

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