make-upping new mythologies for unknown items

nurturable social issues and natural sexual identity
the battle is continually shifting, so ensuring that
as argued by others, transtextual and gender compost
have deeper roots [albeit ones which are, of course, open to cross-fertilization]
these weren’t simply academic tension
from the accurate application of talents both on and off screen
combined the toughness of streets with the effeminacy of schools
mere synthesis of spoof violence, sex, drugs and rock and roll
fantasy and reality, death and life, vice and versa a bloody denouement
in the public imagination, in performance, today, on the face of it,
the fighters for the counter-cultural values are considered
as optional extras for more melting but longer
narrower flames breakfast letting each other into the mess
frying up with the rest these little cruelties were no surprise
to make them closer one should enjoy the pain or irritation of others
when one has eventually become affectionate to matchboxes
we liked opening drawers and finding things in disarray
and why you mustn’t sit on the sofas


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