children of the lessness

extensive use of subconscious language at critical moments
or more specifically about whether the pollution as such should be prominent
the nonliterary party, head of the never innocent no wonder
disputes as that between the emergence and the tendency
undergoing practice-led research at the aesthetic of the work in progress
don’t worry about insects on behalf of artists, publishers, producers, translators and fans
and cooler heads are hard to find in December
ordinarily noisy and colorful at home and overseas
the restless collection of spares and ellipticals
the hayfever-ridden half-talking, quarter-listening neat little cycles
all the more problematic capital of moonshine and masterpiece
the own chapter in the controversy claimed to be intimate with the wilds
creative nuisance by publishing, selling or distributing freedom
the end of the gangster era in each instance
as the city became less and less able to control unpronounceables
and with hideous irony, communications to the remains
but above and beyond that, the cascading melodies of moral epistemology


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