minor plot details

her problem is that I’m still a vulture
and kicking and have no intention
in retrospective considerations
it was the policy on the web
of the stained glasses
in our windows
she pushed me into my incredible
and sad feeling of loss
it hurts as if to those of common assault
and threatening behaviours
should have known better!!!
the Buddhist practice says
believe in forgiveness and karma
and not dwelling in the past
as those bullshits as ideas are
not copyrightable
we abandoned over a decade of exhibited
body parts
as ignorant, rich people into paying excessive amounts for
recognition, strange kind of love and butter-side-up-ness
who still are oblivious to deal with things they know
they don’t know about in full accordance
with the laws of science, sex and slavery
most improbably, we can’t decide
sulfurous smell and turning away
from probabilistic jollity
and you are ready to agree with them?


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