the utopian plastic for architectural senses

you are gripping too
you are drawn into the game
between x and its friends
where they communicate with each other via cleverness
when reading you cannot help wondering
what is a metre
is it the coincidence
or the engine really working?
if so to our free will
just out from the knives
around the uncertain yet each contributing other
the house down with beauty
the way it overstepping the line
enough irony to/of the future
the one-sided coin
the neat rows on the slot-machine
punctuated with a kind of virginity
for the economic dramas
reimagining and counting with
chance procedures lending
the open-ended adulthood
in a round of silt and sludge
themselves resist
the observational riffs and logics
digested, conflated, gross, invigorated
and so inconsistent
unseen happenings
fast food shopping
elsewhere proliferation
of families, friends, foes and follies
the territories that stalk and fester


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