something dislodged

a slow death was in a building made for one thing

to nestle into his mind

because of that, its whole top floor wasn’t eaten for days

on the floor underneath he hadn’t munched much either

the floor with his bare sleep if there were reasons to sleep

slices of black-olive dreams laid on the floor without quite knowing why

the headspace images would not be serving ghost-white coats

responses in flight, fluidity of him to eat the haphazard notions

boarding between artworks and distractions

the appealing nuts and bolts of the underground wasn’t taking off for hours

only his fallacy left free to feel the floors of the building

the summer soul as strange and instamatic as words

a tablecloth to flap out and lay down to exploratory lines

like an examining judge, a cough when he saw his guts

but he wouldn’t gasp: among the last distractions of hearing or heeding

an extra dose squeezed in tighter than any of the recommended sensations

sitting there would mean a dinky treat

the dimming silence directly behind the tremendous tortures

again, he thought, but didn’t say it

cacophonic sugar-coated fuckers!

trying to look but every look ended in manifestation

loose and rattled out of his sockets

were these monstrous beauties



1 Response to “something dislodged”

  1. February 7, 2013 at 5:44 PM

    they said it was pretty floored..(yayy?!)…then we were ratted…fxxx!

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