almost on the existential fortune

when you are forced to, it happens
you are not among its friends
to see the better future
or where many premature bodies lie

at that time he came home from harvest
for verdant politicians in a highly illiterate pan
at 101 degree
his loss was hypothetical
but during her sixth wave
he chose Arsenal

the fragility of school
and a young earthquake
a stroke of good fortune
and summer calls in the progress
because you have to understand Stalin
to keep them eternally

who would seed their head in marvelous
books for a fascinating flock?
that’s half fundamental and not more than idle
into the domain of grasping rules
at least in parts and in despairs
for breath and a palmful of pleasure

by disposition they kick him the usual anxieties
for biding the childhood memories
in her metaphysical menstruation
all that is Science & Technology
neither lonely nor stimulated
where intellectual reflection was largely criminal


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