15 random things about me:

• deviant and defiant cancerian born in burma with no regret so far
• medium built, 6’1″ with type O
• proud to be a lefty
• witty & wicked
• books are my childhood friends and still close friends to date
• if books were my siblings, music could be my cousin
• addicted to writing poetry and proses since 6th grader and can’t stop from then on
• been falling in love with adobe photoshop since the early years of 21st Century and happily  ever after…
• bought my first DSLR in jan 2007 (a nikonian since then and hopefully till i die)
• love all kinds of noodles
• gin and tonic are my travelling companions
• i have a collection of all the original smashing pumpkins albums (1991-2001)
• originally introvert & occasionally extrovert
• i do what i like and i like what i do
• i still believe in serendipity




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