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capitalistic vanity

grasp the doorknob and pull of
the late 20th Century labia
the same results
don’t budge a push
turn the knob to the squeak
go tumbling
unprecedentedly free
from a jug
the same dark words
ontologically shuffled
that they are googled
that reflect their culture
the whatsoever open-sniffing
the aroma of a fish with his fingers
pickled potatoes into pieces
signs of heat
wisps of steam
roses from the circumstances
to the characters of commodity
untouched breakfasts
unforeseen lunches
licking his fingers
a platter within the context of language
a deserted ocean with her bare hands
scoop it up
stuff it into his mouth
warm remnants down her spine
crippling losses
hobbling smells
swing the upper half of her body
with no twisted taste
the hundreds of jam or butter
to say it differently



because all rights and interviews came shortly after Roger

long time no television
as in our own widespread indebtedness
parallel frivolities in a fashionable market
backdrop alone could kill you
wet intelligence and flicked words
the cigarette was safely away from smokes
but we would never see any-fucking-thing
ever again on the window panes
so thick was the estrangement
superior clothing, presumably passed away
our illness in private patterns
a few threads more or less were we
far wrong from hometown
to say thank you
with our every mouth
as History
confirmed bankruptcies and financial panics
the basic mechanism of failures and fulfillments
buried under constant strivings



the critical practice of our time

when future
decision after a process
with active thoughts
insofar as we wish to be part of
something that approaches opportunism
social metaphorical laziness
though we are not speeches
individual desires
entirely deliberate and commonly explored
empirically plastic and contentiously massive
interfaces and codes
through cliché and carelessness
referenced by sterile power
freedom making way out of media
curious backdrop of public
nostalgic neighbors
the farmers of commonly conventional
to the woods of experimentalism
be mirrored and rooted
the domain of the literature
associated with ordinary speech
without meaning
out of dark respect
for mighty other hand
estranged in identity
seen as a destruction of consideration
the same difference on informational commonplace
ordinary ways of consonance between you and me



almost on the existential fortune

when you are forced to, it happens
you are not among its friends
to see the better future
or where many premature bodies lie

at that time he came home from harvest
for verdant politicians in a highly illiterate pan
at 101 degree
his loss was hypothetical
but during her sixth wave
he chose Arsenal

the fragility of school
and a young earthquake
a stroke of good fortune
and summer calls in the progress
because you have to understand Stalin
to keep them eternally

who would seed their head in marvelous
books for a fascinating flock?
that’s half fundamental and not more than idle
into the domain of grasping rules
at least in parts and in despairs
for breath and a palmful of pleasure

by disposition they kick him the usual anxieties
for biding the childhood memories
in her metaphysical menstruation
all that is Science & Technology
neither lonely nor stimulated
where intellectual reflection was largely criminal



something dislodged

a slow death was in a building made for one thing

to nestle into his mind

because of that, its whole top floor wasn’t eaten for days

on the floor underneath he hadn’t munched much either

the floor with his bare sleep if there were reasons to sleep

slices of black-olive dreams laid on the floor without quite knowing why

the headspace images would not be serving ghost-white coats

responses in flight, fluidity of him to eat the haphazard notions

boarding between artworks and distractions

the appealing nuts and bolts of the underground wasn’t taking off for hours

only his fallacy left free to feel the floors of the building

the summer soul as strange and instamatic as words

a tablecloth to flap out and lay down to exploratory lines

like an examining judge, a cough when he saw his guts

but he wouldn’t gasp: among the last distractions of hearing or heeding

an extra dose squeezed in tighter than any of the recommended sensations

sitting there would mean a dinky treat

the dimming silence directly behind the tremendous tortures

again, he thought, but didn’t say it

cacophonic sugar-coated fuckers!

trying to look but every look ended in manifestation

loose and rattled out of his sockets

were these monstrous beauties




mi cabra es su cabra

the Goat’s Secret fashion show is just rough-as-a-cob soft porn

(it ain’t over till the fat goat sings)

that’s received a stamp of cultural acceptability

everyone couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn

that’s just like the goat calling the cattle animals

is that a goat in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

given my views on LG-Bra

it’s not the heat it’s the humidity

so don’t burn your bridges yet

it should be fairly clear at this point what I think about Goat’s Secret

it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick

one thumb up for a spoiled goat

he went the whole 9 yards anyway

goat night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite

most often characterized as being obnoxious and rude

God is stretching out the north side of her Goat’s Secret lingerie

she’s been hit with an ugly stick

while it’s difficult to measure the speed of goat

this hurts me worse than it does you

most sources state upwards of 20 km/h

so when life gives you lemons make lemonade

and when you receive goats make baby-goats

a loving goat who loves to laugh and have fun

six of one and half a dozen of another

she has a goat-spot for mammals

don’t put all your goats in one basket

she can be the most loyal goatfriend you’ve ever had

patience is a virtue

she’s smart when she wants to be, and retarded other times

colder than a goat’s tit in a grass bra

that’s what we call Goat’s Secret

I have been dreaming of goats since before I had children

nothing goated nothing bloated, right?

most rational goats would not consider this family entertainment

stop and smell the goats and that’s water under the bridge

it’s hard to ignore how he’s pulling her legs and she’s tugging his balls

that’s rubber on the side of the road

the runway goats wearing itty-bitty push-up bras and panties

we’ll jump that fence when we get to it

we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it

stop being such a bitch and act more like a goat

adorned with bling galore

we’re gonna tie one on tonight

where the nipples are in a downward motion

providing ease of tit ejaculation

is anyone else outraged by this?

or more fun than a barrel of monkeys?

It’s bad enough that goaty men are going to watch this “acceptable” porn

keep your nose to the grindstone

and just reinforce the feminine body

slower than a seven year itch in seventh heaven

and it’s bad enough that goaty women are going to see it as well

just like the squeaky wheel gets the grease

yet another opportunity

to put that in your pipe and smoke it

and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine

sometimes you just gotta let your goat down

you can’t judge a goat by its mustache

as every goat doesn’t have silver mohair

so buy the farm, burn the wood

for goat things come to those who wait

but remember whoever dies with the most goats wins!